About Us

Hi there! My name is Melody and I am the founder and CEO of All- American Nutrition Company! I've worked full time in the medical field since I was 21, lifted on the side (considered competing but have not taken the plunge yet) and am busy with a happy family life of soccer practices, gymnastics, homework, and shaping my kids into the well-rounded adults and responsible citizens I want them to become. It's a busy life, likely much the same as yours!

In all the chaos, it was difficult to eat right and maintain a physique of which I could be proud. I was tired of eating brown rice and chicken at every meal and feeling stuck in a rut. I started playing around in the kitchen, and voila, our Fit Cakes were born! I found delicious ways to incorporate a lot of extra protein in my diet (good-bye rubbery chicken - hello muscle-building macros!) and satisfy my sweet tooth, while keeping the carbs and fat in check. I kept baking, shared my creations with friends and family, and the magic just kind of started happening. My cakes flew off the shelf - I was amazed and excited by the response I got in just a few short weeks! Wow, people really love to eat things that taste good...and people really love cake!

Fast-forward to now, I have Cakes, Icing, Biscuits, and various flavored Butter's (Brownie, Cake, and Cookie Butters) that don't break the macro bank. No need to restrict, binge, or miss really good tasting food! Now you can HAVE YOUR CAKE (or biscuits, or decadent butters, or icing...) AND EAT IT TOO. No more skipping dessert!

Welcome to the All-American family. We hope you're hungry!