What Flavors do you have?

We stock a wide variety of flavors of cake, including our core team of cakes: Beast Mode (chocolate cake - our personal fave!), Bunz N Gunz (strawberry cake), In the Buff (blueberry cake), Mocha Mania (a little bit of coffee heaven in a cake), and Lean Machine (lemon cake).  Check our catalog page to see our current offering, including seasonal specials.
We have a vast amount of recipes shared on Instagram from us and our followers that you can try as well, so if you create a new one, make sure to TAG US, and #AllAmericanNutritionCo so we can share it too!

We also have various flavors of Icing and Butters (brownie butter, nut butters, cake butters, and cookie butters).

Our Catalog page will always give you the most up-to-date information on special releases, seasonal products, and the occasional flavor of the week or month!

What size of packages do you have?

Cake: We have a 5.3oz (150g) bag that makes 9-12 regular sized cupcakes and a 1lb-5oz (600g) bag that makes 36-42 regular sized cupcakes.

All Purpose Mix
: Our 2 lb. bag makes 32 biscuits or 16 pizza crusts.

: Our butters come in half-pound and two-pound bags. This one has SO MANY different ways to use it that we can't list all the possible combinations!

Can I bake with it?

Absolutely! Our numerous products will keep you baking, shaking, microwaving, or dolloping on top of your favorite things like oatmeal, cakes, fruit...WE HAVE YOU COVERED!

What Pan size should I use?

4-5 regular sized cupcakes, or 10 mini cupcakes (I recommend baking in the single silicones, or silicone lined)

Small loaf pan (you'll need to use 2 mixes for this)

Large mug (these cakes rise as they cook so you want some extra space)
32oz silicone cake pan (5x8x2).

Are these weight watcher friendly?

Absolutely! Depending on the mix and how you prep it, you can make cupcakes for 1sp per cupcake!

Where can I find nutrition info?

Each package has nutrition information on the back of the bag, and it can also be located under the description for each product.

Do these cakes require refrigeration?

Once the mixes are baked, we recommend storing them in the fridge. Because we do not use preservatives, we recommend refrigeration for up to 5 days.

What is the shelf life you product mixes?

As a general rule, our mixes can be stored for up to 6 months in a cool, dry place (kitchen pantry, etc.) - and longer if you store them in a freezer. 

Are these cakes gluten free?

Most of our mixes are gluten-free, including our Gluten-Free All Purpose Mix.  The standard All Purpose Mix, however, is not gluten-free, so make sure when ordering our All Purpose Mix you select the appropriate one.

Are these mixes dairy-free?

We have a dairy free collection - go to the Catalog drop-down menu on our Home page and select our dairy free collection “No Cow! No How!”  In general, however, most of our mixes contain whey isolate protein powder (lactose-based).

Are your mixes peanut-free?

Some of our mixes contain peanut powders. Most of our mixes contain tree nuts (such as coconut and almond). We are not a peanut-free environment. If you have peanut allergies, we do not recommend our products for you. 

Will there be additional flavors coming out?

We are always baking and looking for new recipes and creating new products! We are also always open to suggestions, so be sure to reach out to us on instagram @AllAmericanNutritionCo!

Are you sold in stores?

We are currently only selling our products online through our website and in select gyms. 

What kinds of things do I need to add to the cakes?

Have fun with it! You can use almond or cashew milk, nut butters, plain or flavored greek yogurt, canned pumpkin, mashed bananas, apple sauce, pureed Zucchini or squash... The mixes are all really versatile, so if you make something, make sure to tag us and share the recipe so we can share it too!

Are toppings or wet ingredients you suggest included in nutrition facts?

No they are not, they are just fun add-ons for you to play with and options for how you might prepare our mixes.