Peanut Butter - MINT BROWNIE DIP
Peanut Butter - MINT BROWNIE DIP
Peanut Butter - MINT BROWNIE DIP

Peanut Butter - MINT BROWNIE DIP

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Is peanut butter is its own food group for you? A friend recently told us, "I'm trying to eat healthy, but don't take away my peanut butter!"  Good news - now you can do both (eat healthy and eat peanut butter)!  

Mint Brownie Dip Peanut Butter will give you the happy comfort of a fudgy brownie with the hint of mint to give you an edge in your next workout. What could be better than peanut butter, chocolate, mint and crunchy almonds to bring home a winner every bit as good as the Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream from which it gets its inspiration!

What could be better? Our already great Mint Brownie Dip Peanut Butter is now NEW AND IMPROVED with an even better creme de menthe flavor! 

But the good news doesn't stop there. Check out these comparison macros - especially, like all our flavored peanut butter powders, nearly 90% less fat!

Serving size for each is 2 tbsp.

Mint Brownie Dip PB Leading brand of Peanut Butter
50 calories/15 cal from fat 190 calories/144 cal from fat
2 grams fat  16 grams fat
5 grams carbs 8 grams carbs
5 grams protein 7 grams protein


Try it out today. Available in half pound, one pound and two pound sizes. And, as always, share your great Mint Brownie Dip PB story (and recipe) with us on Instagram (@AllAmericanNutritionCo).

Special thanks to @thebasicfitgirl for allowing us to use her beautiful pictures!